Access top screened
remote designers

Hire the best preselected qualified
US designers for only a 2% direct hire fee!

What we do

We source and screen designers

We source

We reach out to great product, UI/UX and graphic designers across the entire US and select the best ones for your role.

We screen

We thoroughly review designers and conduct 3 rounds of review: resume, design portfolio, and video interview.

We find the best

We then provide you access to the list of best remote designers. You will be able to see all their information including video responses.

What you do

You focus on the best

Only qualified designers

Detailed candidate profile

Recorded video answers

Intelligent ranking system

Interested applicants

Matching your role


2% direct hire fee

We provide a better service for a fraction of the price:


of annual salary once the candidate is hired


Other fees


Total cost if you don't find a designer

60 days

Guarantee period


Frequently Asked Questions

Not quite. We provide a similar service - we help you find the best candidates. However, we use a new approach to directly connect you to the best designers. We use a combination of technology and expert analysis to evaluate designers at scale to have great results and keep costs low.

For two main reasons:
1. We thoroughly review each designer, but then we can use this information for multiple positions.
2. We use technology to automate many time-consuming operations like scheduling calls and video interviews.

If you find a designer through us and hire them, but for some reason it doesn't work out, we will work on another campaign to find a replacement at no cost to you! If we are still not able to find a candidate you are happy with, we will refund 100% of your cost.